Aplicaciones Industriales de Calidad S.A. de C.V.

Manufacturing of high precision machined components in CNC equipment for a diversity of industries. We guarantee the best quality in the market.

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Automotive Industry
Hydraulic Industry
Valve Industry
Hardware &
Maritime Industry
Pneumatic Industry


By complying with the highest manufacturing quality standards in highly complex parts, APIC stands out as an excellent supplier for a large diversity of industries due to our flexibility and capabilities.

In APIC we are capable of meeting our clients’ requirements, giving added value to their products in the following ways:

  • Reception and inspection of raw materials
    • Carbon Steel
    • Stainless Steel
    • Aluminum
    • Copper
    • Brass
    • Titanium
    • Exotic Materials
  • Turning
    • Swiss Type CNC Turning (Up to 7 axes)
    • Turret Type CNC Turning (Up to 4 axes)
    • Gang CNC Turning
    • CNC Chuck turning
    • Cam Automatic Turning
  • Milling
    • CNC milling in 5 axes
    • CNC milling in 4 axes
    • CNC milling in 3 axes
    • Conventional Milling
  • Secondary Operations
    • Quick Drills
    • Centerless and universal Grinders
    • Thread Grinding
    • Broaching
  • Auxiliary Operations
    • Conventional Turning
    • Surface Grinding
    • Tool grinding in conventional and CNC grinders
  • Inspection
    • Visual inspection by attributes
    • Dimensional inspection
    • Simple Assemblies
  • Packaging
    • Packaging according to clients’ specifications


In APIC we work with equipment as simple as vertical drills, and with state-of-the-art equipment such as multi-axis CNC machines, and metal 3D printing. Our measuring equipment is also technologically advanced. In the following list we summarize our equipment:

Swiss type Multi-axis CNC Lathes
Qty: 57
Brand: Star Micronics, Citizen, & Hanwah

Turret type CNC Lathes
Qty: 23
Brand: Haas, Traub, Hardinge, Nakamura, Emco & Doosan

Gang CNC Lathes
Qty: 9
Brand: Doosan & Yang

CNC Mills
Qty: 12
Brand: Haas & Brother

CNC Grinders
Qty: 2
Brand: Jugner & Strausak

Universal CNC grinder
Qty: 1
Brand: Studer

Cam Automatic Lathes
Qty: 12
Brand: Traub

Non CNC Equipment for secondary operations
Qty: 32

Centerless Grinders
Qty: 3
Brand: Cincinnati

Qty: 1
Brand: Mitutoyo

Image Measuring Machine
Qty: 1
Brand: Keyence

Qty: 1
Brand: Optacom

Optical Comparators
Qty: 4
Brand: Mitutoyo

Metallic Direct Metal Printing Machine
Qty: 1
Brand: 3DSystems

Resin Direct Light Projecting Printer
Qty: 1
Brand: Formlabs


Guaranteeing the quality of our products is part of our mission. Because of this, APIC has implemented a Quality System based on strict and relevant standards. We count with several certifications. We strive to ensure the quality of our machined parts in order to establish long-term and strong relations with our clients. With more than 50 years producing high-precision machined components, quality is part of our DNA.

About Us

Aplicaciones Industriales de Calidad S.A. de C.V. was founded in Mexico more than 50 years ago by Fernand J. Vedrenne and Marc Garaude. We are located in central Mexico and we count with two plants specialized in the production of high-precision machined components. During the 90s APIC decided to include CNC technologies in its repository of equipment. This is why, today, more than 90% of our equipment is based on this technology. Towards 2013, APIC formed a join venture with two world-renowned companies in the precision machining world: the German Mesa Parts and Alpen Tech from France; in order to create a new company called AMAPARTS. This company is specialized in high-volume precision machining. (Revisar Español) With commitment and effort, we strive to be on top of the industry. Our view is in developing new technologies We challenge ourselves to be the best. Currently, APIC has two facilities in Mexico, adding up to a productive area of 6,000 m2 or 65,000 ft2

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To be the leading company in the precision machining business in Mexico by providing services to the industry under the most strict quality standards. To provide high-technology services in order to be competitive and to aspire to grow.


To be the best positioned company in the NAFTA market. To be present in Asia an Europe, and to be internationally recognized by our quality, competitivity, and ethics.


Quality, excellence, integrity, social responsibility.


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in plastics and metals
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